Rethinking the future of money

Rethinking the future of money

I have made myself very scarce here in the last few weeks. I am sorry for that. But what may have seemed like a standstill was more like an artistic pause. Just because the stage is quiet and dark doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot going on behind the scenes.

And a lot did happen! At Bitcoin and also here.

Because even though there hasn’t been much of it here, I’ve been very busy over the past few months. Especially since the first Wednesday in October.

Back then, I gave a talk on The Future of Money at the Leipzig Bitcoin Theme Evening. A topic that is bigger than Bitcoin for me, but which I only started to deal with through Bitcoin. That is, a good Bitcoin Loophole eight years ago. For a long time it was only in passing. But with the evening in October, I finally had a reason to work through the insights I had gathered up to then a bit more systematically.

Money – the blind spot for the future

The lecture was mainly about the question of what we actually know about the money of the future. My conclusion at the time: not much. Because neither in the financial sector nor in the stories of science fiction authors or the tales of other visionaries does the money of the future play a real role so far.

Which ultimately led to the question of how this could be changed.

The simple answer found that evening was to hold a story competition on the subject. It would be cool if someone would take care of it, wouldn’t it?

And that’s what I did. After sleeping on it once, I started to develop a concept, went looking for supporters and prepared everything over the past few weeks so that today, just in time for Bitcoin Genesis Day, my new heart’s project can be launched:

Magic Future Money, the writing competition for (un)possible stories about the money of the future.

What is Magic Future Money?

So here is a very brief summary: Until 31 March 2021, anyone can submit short stories that deal in some way with the money of the future. The best stories will then be selected by a jury and published as a book.

Each published story will also be rewarded with a prize of one million satoshi. (Fun fact: When I started planning the competition, that was around 100 euros. Now that Bitcoin has passed the US$30,000 mark, it’s more than 250 euros. Whoop-whoop!). Makes for up to 30 stories, a handsome total prize money of 0.3 Bitcoin. (Kindly donated by the German Bitcoin Association. Many thanks for that!)

In addition to the writing competition, Magic Future Money also consists of a blog with found objects, book introductions and other thinking and writing inspiration. There is also a podcast that is all about the status quo and where the future of money may have already become a reality. Of course, there is also a Twitter account for the project.